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sun damaged

Sun damaged (also called photo-aged) skin can appear thick, almost leathery, with both vertical and horizontal wrinkles. Skin can also have overall discoloration and localized brown spots.

Sun damage cannot be fully reversed, but skin texture can be improved by hydrating and exfoliating and brown discolorations can be lightened and minimized with the use of skin car products that contain hydroquinone.

To prevent further sun damage, avoid long-term sun exposure, and use physical sun blocks (such as hats and sunglasses) and broad spectrum sunscreens daily.

recommended home care for sun damaged skin


Cleanse skin twice a day with a glycolic acid wash, which reduces the dead skin that builds up with over-exposure to the sun. The glycolic acid improves skin texture, promoting brighter and more supple skin.


Exfoliate using an alpha-hydroxy product twice a week to improve hydration, while smoothing the surface of the skin.


Apply toner twice a day prior to moisturizing. This helps prepare the skin to better absorb the moisturizer.


Moisturize using a cream containing an SPF-15 sunscreen to minimize further sun damage.


Use a hydrating mask once or twice a week to increase the moisture level in the skin.


Protection against further exposure to the sun is essential. Always use a moisturizer and eye cream containing sunscreen, along with glycolic acid or retinol, which improves the surface texture of the skin.

specialized treatment

specialized treatment

To minimize sun spots or uneven skin coloring, apply a cream containing at least 1% hydroquinone or kojic acid. Use Retin-A to improve overall skin texture.

ideal skin's recommended professional treatments for sun damaged skin

Enzymatic Facial, customized for sun damaged skin, removes the thick build-up of dead skin cells that are the hallmark of excessive exposure to the sun. The skinŐs texture is improved and skin is prepared for a deep cleansing.

Glycolic Acid Peel promotes smoother skin and lightens sun spots.

Obagi Blue Peel promotes even skin tone in sun damaged skin that can be compromised with brown spots and discolorations.