normal skin

Identifying your skin type is essential in developing a daily care and treatment program that will help you maintain clear, healthy, radiant skin.

For a skin care program to be the most effective, your regimen of cleansing, toning, moisturizing and specialized treatments must be tailored to your own unique skin.

Normal Skin is the skin we all strive to achieve. Normal skin is clear, glowing and firm in texture. It is moist, without being too dry or oily. Its pores are refined, not enlarged. It is less prone to flare-ups, such as acne or rashes. While genetics play a large role in those blessed with naturally normal skin, proper skin care makes all the difference in promoting normal healthy skin for those not naturally blessed with it.

recommended home care to promote or maintain normal skin:


Cleanse skin twice a day. Use a gentle, non-foaming cleanser in the morning, and a more aggressive deep-cleaning product for the evening. For more mature skin, use a glycolic wash to rid the skin of dead cells that can build up. Any eye make up remover should be used prior to cleansing.


Exfoliate once a week. Use a glycolic mask for more aggressive action, or a mask containing polyethylene beads for gentler exfoliation. In a circular motion, gently massage the beads around the forehead, nose and chin areas where dead skin cells can become thicker. Exfoliation reduces the formation of unsightly whiteheads and blackheads.


Mask once a week after exfoliating. Alternate between a deep-pore-cleaning mask to refine skin and a hydrating mask for soft, supple skin.


Use a gentle toner to prepare the skin for daytime moisturizer or night time creams.


twice a day. Use a lightweight moisturizer during the day, and a more emollient cream before bed. Apply eye cream, preferably with a sunscreen of SPF 15. Climate and seasonal changes may require variations in choice of moisturizer. A richer cream in cold, harsh weather; lighter lotions in hot weather.


Use a SPF-15 cream-based sunscreen in colder weather; a gel-based product in warmer weather. Apply 30 minutes prior to any sun exposure.


To maximize the health of normal skin, consider using glycolic cream to maintain a smooth texture, hydrating ampoules for added moisture, and vitamin C/antioxidant rich serum to protect skin from sun damage.

ideal skin's recommended professional treatments for normal skin

Enzymatic Facial is a one hour treatment, customized for the needs of normal skin. Enzymes refine skin texture by removing dead surface skin cells, and prepare the skin for the benefits of a thorough cleansing.

Hydrating Facial is designed to assist in maintaining skinŐs proper moisture level.