frequently asked questions

When it comes to professional skin care, there can be numerous questions. While the best way to get answers to specific questions is to contact us, we've compiled a list of some of the most frequently asked questions below.

what is a clinical esthetician?

A clinical esthetician is a highly trained skin care specialist who offers preventive skin care and treatments to optimize healthy skin. He or she is trained to detect skin problems that may require medical attention. An esthetician is also trained to provide deep cleansing facials and acid peels. Additionally, she or she is able to recommend appropriate skin care products and assists clients in coping with the cosmetic side effects of many dermatological drugs.

Clinical estheticians work in both salon and clinical settings. They are trained to prepare skin for cosmetic surgery and to provide post-operative treatment that promotes healing and helps maintain the benefits of the surgery.

are there licensing requirements for estheticians?

Yes. In the state of Massachusetts, like many other states, estheticians are licensed annually to practice and to provide skin care treatment. Licensing requirements in Massachusetts include: graduation from an accredited school of esthetics and passing a three-hour examination administered by the state Board of Cosmetology.

what can I expect the first time I consult an esthetician?

Each esthetician provides service in his or her unique way. At Ideal Skin, we have clients complete a brief questionnaire to learn about their main concerns; any history of skin disorders, allergic reactions or cosmetic surgery; and any medications they are currently using. Together we discuss goals, a plan of action, and the time frame for the goals. We review current home care and discuss revisions to achieve optimal skin health. Many times during the first visit, the client receives a deep-skin cleaning.

how will my skin benefit from a facial? IsnŐt it just a pampering session?

When performed by a skilled esthetician who can properly identify skin types and conditions, a facial has numerous therapeutic benefits for the skin. During a session, an experienced esthetician selects treatment products that best meets the needs of the individual client's skin. Many products are custom blended and have the ability to extract blackhead formations and acne pustules that block pores.

Over time, professional care, including proper exfoliating and hydrating, results in clean, clear pores, improved, glowing skin tone, softer texture, reduction of fine lines, fewer breakout, and faster healing when skin has active lesions.

It can also be a fun, relaxing and pampering experience!

I want to take good care of my skin everyday, so isn't home care more important than going to a salon from time to time?

Both proper home care and periodic professional treatment are essential to maintaining healthy skin. Daily home care enhances the results of professional treatment and vice versa. Caring for the skin at home, including cleansing, exfoliating, and moisturizing daily, assists in removing impurities and dead cells, and keeping the skin moist. With proper home care, the skin is well-prepared to receive the full benefits of professional cleansing, hydration, and other treatments estheticians provide. Skin would not be at its healthiest if a client depended solely on periodic professional care and neglected daily home care. In the same way, home care without professional treatment also will not result in optimal skin health.

what skin care do you recommend for men?

At Ideal Skin, our treatment regimens are developed and many products are custom-blended based on individual skin care needs. Therefore, men benefit from the same skin care therapy offer to the women. Since many men find shaving irritating to the skin, it is best to shave at least three hours prior to an appointment to minimize sensitivity.

Have a question not answered here? Please feel free to email us or contact us via phone to set up a consultation, where we will listen to your specific skin care questions, thouroughly address them and offer solutions for all of your skin care needs!