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dry skin

Identifying your skin type is essential in developing a daily care and treatment program that will help you maintain clear, healthy, radiant skin

For a skin care program to be the most effective, your regimen of cleansing, toning, moisturizing and specialized treatments must be tailored to your own unique skin.

Dry skin can have a dull, flaky appearance and can feel tight. This is due to the lack of water on the skin's surface, and the lack of oil production beneath the skin. Also, as skin ages, there is a decrease in the levels of moisture and oils. When you have dry skin, avoid using harsh facial cleansers and products with high alcohol content which tend to dry and irritate the skin. Also, avoid prolonged exposure to the sun and to harsh weather conditions.

recommended home care to keep dry skin moist and soft :


Cleanse twice a day, with an emollient cleanser; rinse with cool to lukewarm water.


Exfoliate once or twice each week to thin out layers of dead skin, so that skin can receive the full benefit of other treatment and products. Gently massage skin with a circular motion, using an exfoliant containing polyethylene beads. Concentrate on the forehead, nose and chin area where dead skin cells tend to accumulate.


Mask twice a week. Use a hydrating mask in a cream base. Be certain to exfoliate prior to using the mask to achieve the best results.


Apply a gentle toner twice a day, containing chamomile or mallow extracts and without alcohol or fragrance.


Moisturize twice a day immediately after cleansing and toning, using a rich, emollient cream.


Protect the skin with a cream-based, SPF-15 sunscreen, applied thirty minutes before going out into the sun. For sensitive skin, avoid prolonged exposure to both sun and harsh weather conditions.


Be certain to select an eye cream containing cornflower which helps reduce puffiness. Apply both both day and night. For improved texture and hydration, use vitamin C serum, collagen or aloe ampoules under moisturizer before bedtime.

ideal skin's recommended professional treatments for dry skin

Hydrating Facial combats constant dryness by increasing the moisture level. Skin feels softer, more comfortable.

Lactic Acid Peel is an excellent choice for dry skin. This peel promotes the skinŐs own capabilities to moisturize, condition and heal itself. Lactic acid is naturally found in our bodies so the skin is less likely to cause adverse or allergic reactions.

Glycolic Acid Peel also promotes moisture retention and is a good choice for skin with a thicker texture.